Today Adam, Jeremy, and Kurt sample the Gin Old Fashioned. It’s a surprisingly refreshing drink.

The guys also discuss the intersection between possessing firearms and regulation of Medical Marijuana. If you have a Medical Marijuana card, could you forfeit your firearms? Yes. Jeremy gives his legal analysis.
Is smoking a joint on YouTube illegal? Jeremy also provides you with an answer.
I can’t believe it’s not Baltimore. Fentanyl is bad. That is all.
Jeff Sessions rears his southern drawl. Again.
The Golden Child is discussed as possibly the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time. Clearly, it is. I want the knife.
Finally, a former Raven’s kicker was beaten up in a “not so nice” neighborhood. Some sage advice from your Lawyer’s on the Rocks. Read more about the story here.
Thanks and enjoy the episode!

1 sugar cube
2 dashes Bitters — Angostura bitters
1 teaspoon water
2 ounces gin — gin
old-fashioned glass

Place the sugar in an Old-Fashioned glass or another smallish heavy-bottomed tumbler. Add 2 dashes bitters — Angostura or Peychaud’s — and a teaspoon of water and muddle the sugar until it dissolves. Add 2 ounces gin — Genever or London Dry — stir well, and add 2 large ice cubes. Let sit for a couple of minutes and have at it.

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