Lawyers on the Rocks Podcast

Lawyers on the Rocks features Jeremy Eldridge, Kurt Nachtman and Adam Crandell. This triumvirate of lawyers will give you their unsolicited opinion on everything legal and illegal, while enjoying a handcrafted cocktail. Lawyers on the Rocks is sponsored by the Law Office of Eldridge, Nachtman & Crandell, LLC and produced by Up Next Creative, LLC.

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Recent Episodes

#139 – The Vasectomy with Michael Turiello

On this week's episode the lawyers are joined by Former deputy chief of Baltimore City SAO's Narcotics unit.  Mike talks all things court and SAO with a mix of current private practice at the firm of Jennings, Turiello & Hirshorn.   They sample The Vasectomy, a...

#137 – Old Fashioned with Delegate Luke Clippinger

On this week's episode the lawyers are sampling a classic old fashioned cocktail and are joined by Chair of the Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary Committee Luke Clippinger, a Representative from Maryland's 46th legislative district.   An old fashioned is: 2 oz....

#136 – Plan C cocktail

On this week's episode the lawyers drink an unknown cocktail due to Jeremy getting all the wrong ingredients and they discuss what is their only option - Plan C (not to be confused with Plan B pill, which may be outlawed soon). LEAKS: Scotus – Dobbs v. Jackson Wo....

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