On this week’s episode the guys sample two mini bottles in the cabinet.  Climax Wood-Fired Whiskey and Black (spanish) Fly Maple Whiskey.  The results are interesting.  They also deviate from their regular topics to give a Top Ten list of things you DIDN’T learn in law school.

  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Baltimore: 2 children shot after throwing snowballs at passing cars.

Top Ten things you didn’t learn in law school

10. Being responsible for someone’s life, liberty and fortune is stressful

9. Jack of all trades = master of nothing. Know your limits and don’t be a generalist.

8. Some clients will always be unhappy.

7. when the client is unhappy, learn to recognize it and dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”

6. Just give the refund, especially if it’s a small amount.  A refund is not worth a grievance.

5. Being a successful lawyer in private practice often has NOTHING to do with being a good lawyer.

4. Client selection is a luxury and necessity.  The best client is the one you turn down.

3. Lawyers are assholes.

2. Lawyers will make you drink.

1. How to be a Lawyer.

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