This week the lawyers are joined by Yuripzy Morgan, Host of the Yuripzy Morgan show on WBAL and trust and estates lawyer out of Annapolis Maryland.  She’s comes onto the show to put the lawyers to the test.  Yuripzy received her undergraduate degree in Biology, attended law school, works full-time as a radio host and full time some more as a lawyer.  She’s going to give us some insight into the daily running of a radio show and diving deep into immigration issues and the SCOTUS’ recent term.

Today they sample the classic Martini cocktail.  Baltimore’s own H.L. Mencken called the martini “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.”

The Martini consists of London Dry Gin and dry vermouth combined in a 2:1 ratio, strained into a chilled cocktail glass with a green olive (or lemon peel).  Martini can be made dry, dirty, or perfect depending on additional ingredients.  More info can be found here.

On the agenda:

Lawyers on the Rocks features Jeremy EldridgeKurt Nachtman and Adam Crandell. This triumvirate of lawyers will give you their unsolicited opinion on everything legal and illegal, while enjoying a handcrafted cocktail. Lawyers on the Rocks is sponsored by the Law Office of Eldridge, Nachtman & Crandell, LLC and produced by Up Next Creative, LLC.

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