This is technically Part 3 with Rich Gibson, the newly elected State’s Attorney for Howard County. Rich came in for an earlier recording session which had recording audio difficulties but we were able to salvage this from the archives.  It is arguably our funniest episode yet!!!!

Rich has a long career as a prosecutor.  He started out in Prince George’s County and then spent 12 years in the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office handling murders, shootings, and major investigations before being elected to the top job in his home county.  He has a ton of experience and will bring that experience and knowledge to his new job in Howard County.

This week we’re sampling Wigle’s Ginever Gin in a Gin Rickey.

Here is some information on Ginever Gin (short version, it’s a whiskey based gin, distilled in a copper pot, not a vodka based gin like common gin’s).

Top topics include a deep discussion into the life of an elected politician and how Rich’s new job differs from what his expectations were.  Plus what his plans are for the Howard County SAO.

This week the guy’s discuss:

From Wigle’s website:

Awarded 2018 Best Gin in the Country by the American Craft Spirit Association.

Inspired by a 19th century Pennsylvanian distiller’s recipe, Wigle’s Organic Gin brings back a lost gem of distillation.

For the first 600 years of its existence, gin was made from a whiskey base in a copper pot still. This Genever or Dutch-style gin became less popular after the invention of the modern industrial still.  Vodka based gins dominate liquor store shelves today.

With a grain mash of rye, wheat, malted barley, and a complex family of botanicals, Ginever is rounder and fuller than modern gins. Juniper berries remain forefront but are joined by a number of other botanicals including earthy cardamom, peppery cubeb and fragrant lavender create a layered flavor experience.

As with all Wigle products, this handcrafted spirit is made from scratch in our copper pot still in very small batches, using only organic ingredients and local heirloom grains.

It’s perfect for whiskey and gin lovers alike.

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