Going on the wagon for this week’s episode the guys are joined by Bruce White while they sample Cooper’s Coffee Company.

Bruce is an amazing person who had spent the first 40 years of his life involved with drugs, gangs, and the criminal life.  He did an 8 year stint in prison and came out a new man.  He has since turned around his life and spends every day helping other people do the same, by kicking drugs and alcohol and running several local rehabilitation houses with over 90 beds.  His company is called One Promise Recovery Housing.  You can read a City Paper article about Bruce here.

Bruce may be a tough guy but he loves the Pooh mug and sampling good coffee

In this episode the guys dive deep in to the following topics:

  • problems with the legal system, treatment, recidivism, and redemption (does it happen?).
  • The worst excuses you’ve ever heard from any defendant/client
  • What Bruce looks for in an ideal treatment client
  • How does Bruce know when someone will re-offend
  • Why do lawyers, as a profession, have one of the highest drug and alcohol abuse rates and how to treat that?

Deep debate on the role of the Criminal Justice System and recovery

Out of respect for Bruce (and because we need a little “Dry time” ourselves after New Orleans) we’re also sampling Cooper’s Coffee.  Cooper’s is an excellent small batch coffee roaster out of New England.  Cooper’s Coffee Company roasts and ages their coffee in used Whiskey and Rum barrels, giving their excellent, single-source coffee a special aged flavor. Excellent coffee combined with barrel aging blends the best of our morning and evening routines!

Huge shout out to the guys at Coopers!


Our coffee mug collection: #thug life

You know you’ve lived a hard life when you lose a few inches of your leg!  #bootlife

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