The beautiful lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel. aka the calm before the storm.

In this week’s episode Jeremy, Kurt and Adam worry about the long term effects of their weekend in New Orleans and discuss all the various remedies to cure the common hangover.  Remedies discussed include Pedialyte, Water, vitamins, Ener-C+, and many more (like the Bloody Mary from last episode).

We have a short show today, discussing a couple legal issues:

  1. Common Miranda misconceptions.  Miranda v. Arizona is the critical case regarding “custodial interrogation” but there are a number of exceptions carved out as to what is “custody” and what exactly is “interrogation.”  Jeremy provides examples.
  2. How corrupt is Baltimore?  How does that compare with New Orleans?

The Shirt.

Well, New Orleans has a “Hall of Shame” for their corrupt politicians.  It’s got 71 members.  See here.  

And the FBI says New Orleans is THE WORST.  Read here for more.

It’s fairly safe to say that New Orleans would burn through Baltimore’s gift cards in a day or less.

Oh, and for our drink review, nothing like being a creeper in the kiddie aisle at a grocery store getting gallons and gallons of pedialyte.  But hey, it works!


One last note: Here’s an article about a guy who spent a decade testing various hangover remedies.  He determines that the best cure is a mix of OTC supplements; a doctor quoted in the article still suggests our remedy = pedialyte.

HT: Brobible

New Orleans Santa Parade, by Elvis

New Orleans Santa Parade, by Elvis


The original mixed drink (allegedly) from the Sazerac bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. This drink, and a few others, led to our needing some significant assistance from Pedialyte and other common Hangover cures.

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