On this episode, while Adam is riding his migrant caravan back from the Immigration Detention Center on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Jeremy and Kurt sample the traditional Manhattan Cocktail.

Adam on the bat phone

Adam, via our sophisticated phone system.

To make this week’s cocktail we used the following ingredients (slightly modified from the original):

The Orange bitters are optional as are the cherry garnish. The drink can also be garnished with an orange peel or twist.

Wikipedia actually has a pretty good page detailing the options and history of the Manhattan Cocktail. Interesting history and variations.

In this week’s top topic, Jeremy and Kurt discuss a new law and its unintended consequences. Maryland’s new EXTREME protective order.  Will it survive due process?  Here is the link to the legislative history.

In this week’s “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Baltimore” 8,000 drug cases are dismissed because of misconduct in a Boston Crime lab.  Read here for more.  But wait, it did happen in Baltimore….read here for a story from way back in 2007 where potentially thousands of people were wrongfully convicted.

In personal injury news, an Oregon horse lacks standing to sue his former neglectful owner.  However, Kurt spends some time talking about how Maryland law treats animals like property.  In other words if your dog is attacked and injured, you may recover certain items like vet bills but you will not be able to obtain pain and suffering for your dog’s injuries.

Finally, Donald Trump said in an interview that he can wipe away birthright citizenship with an executive order.  Adam Crandell debunks that theory.

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